Reasons for / against Presidents


PRO: Undeniably, this dude has some experience. He knows Washington. He is a moderate. He’ll kick some ass with the terrorists.

CONTRA: He has been trying too hard, too long. He is a brown-nosing opportunist. I remember him running against Bush, putting up a fight, and then after losing turning into such an ass kissing slime ball.


PRO: Arkansas governors have an excellent track record.

CONTRA: Some Arkansas should stay in the boonies. I cannot for the life of it imagine a US president by that name !!!


PRO: A good hairdo. A positive thinking mind in the White House. With this guy in the Oval Office, we might get a man to Mars sooner than we thought possible.

CONTRA: A good hairdo as president. More head-in-the-clouds thinking, wasting time and money, and lets-run-this-country-like-a-corporation style management. – “Next, please !!!”


PRO: He has actually admitted to being not perfect.

CONTRA: His record. His advisors. His narrow-mindedness. His style. His speech.


PRO: The smartest mind in the race for the White House. First woman president. We get Bill for free – maybe as secretary of State ? Unlikely to waste time with scandals… been there, done that.

CONTRA: Bush – Clinton – Bush – Clinton. The country might have to face some serious improvement. WE can only elect her twice. After that we’ll have to wait for Chelsea.


PRO: Best looking candidate. He seems to care. Young. He would do a fine job. ‘President Edwards’ sounds great.

CONTRA: Lost once before. He just won’t make it.


PRO: Smart. Black. Vision.

CONTRA: No experience. All vision. I don’t want to hear the Obama/Osama joke every night for the first year or so…

One Response to “Reasons for / against Presidents”

  1. They’re all bums. I wish Al Gore had run… or maybe Ross Perot…

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