Lame Weather

I’m so bummed out. Last night they said we were going to have an ice storm Friday morning. That usually means we get the day off here at work. I’m not kidding. Now, however, it looks like it’ll just be wet and barely above freezing.

I love the annual ice storm. I find it very reassuring that our hi-tech civilization can be put on hold by a little weather like that. Of course, I don’t want people to get hurt in traffic accidents or freeze to death in their homes because power lines are down. But a little unplanned, unavoidable down time every now and then is good for the zen. When “at-the-click-of-a-button” is no longer an option, we sort of return to our roots and resign to the fac that there is nothing we can do. What a relief ! Time to be patient, cuddle up on the couch with family and a good book and just wait… isn’t that awful ?

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