Becoming All Technical

I am developing this weird sense that maybe there is a more technical career, business, way of life – you name it – out there for me, that may challenge me in ways yet unforeseen and open doors I always thought would only open to the real hardcore techies.

I am not by nature a TECHNO GEEK. I try to use technology where it makes things easier, gets things done more quickly, or improves my quality of life. I try to avoid superfluous technology, the kind that adds an extra layer of whipped cream on the cheese cake.

I am not into gizmos and gimmicks. I am not into tweaking things on my computer as a form of entertainment. I only do so when something really pisses me off. At the same time, I don’t like the fact that the computer I use for 100% of my work is such a black box and so cumbersome to adjust that it almost takes a team of rocket scientists. I wish there were a way to control more of what goes on in there and create and personalize things more without having to know a lot of mind boggling code, read unintelligible geek books, etc…

A few years ago, I made several attempts to read a book on Visual Basic because it seemed at the time like a cool way to go beyond simple plug-and-play usership, get more use out of MS-Excel, and simply try to acquire some extra credentials in the computer world. But there wasn’t a single sentence in the book that made me want to keep going. I figured if working with VB had anything to do with the contents of this book, it wasn’t for me. So I gave up.

Well, I figure things have changed quite a bit. You never even hear about visual basic anymore. Is it still in use? So maybe I should look around if there are ways – besides the web design – to get some technical expertise. It seems a wee bit late getting on the bandwagon now. But maybe not. Isn’t it well known that things in the ‘industry’ change so fast all the time that what you learned 6 months ago may already be outdated ? Well, heck, maybe it’s time to get my feet wet and got for it.


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