Ruby on Rails

I saw an article in Sunday’s Dallas Morning News, in the career section, not usually something I more than glance it because of its ridiculous nature rivalled only by the ridiculousness of the real estate section detailing McMansion interior design of every friggin little surburban burg in the DFW metroplex as if they were talking about towns in Tuscany….

The article talked about web 2.0 and companies doing web design and creating web applications. It also mentioned Ruby on Rails. Of course, I had never heard about it. So I looked it up and started reading. Who knows hat kind of a brain killer this is for someone with no software background. Hey, I’m all in the business of  throwing out ideas, that is, throwing them out there to hover, for purposes of contemplation and in(tro)spection, not throwing them out as in dumping them. You know what I mean. But if you forced me to become a programmer today, that’s something I would look at.

And this book here – – sounds like the one I’d read.


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  1. […] way over my head. This time around, he had some very encouraging things to say about Ruby on Rails (my recent post) which leads me to believe that maybe that’s a harmless way to get started on some web […]

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