The Independent Consultant

My recent post Becoming All Technical was inspired by dinner conversation with a guy, a few years my senior, who ditched his corporate career to go solo as a consultant. He said he quit a well paying IT job to work for himself. His b0ss begged him to stay and tried luring him with money to come back, but he resisted.

Working for yourself would be the ideal way to earn a living. Providing a service or creating a product that’s unique would be the goal. As long as I am working for someone else, I fear, I will never be motivated to give 100%. My motivation on home improvement projects often surpasses that on 9-5 project management. It’s not necessarily more fun or fulfilling. It’s the fact that I am in charge. I pull the shots. I take the risk of screwing it up, and I reap the benefits and glory of success.

When we initially started working on our house two years and were in a hurry to get things fixed up so we could move in, we had a number of friends help us. Without them, it would have easily taken a month or more longer. Yet looking back, I wish I had taken that extra month to do it myself. I would have given more thought to a few things that back then I had to delegate to others. I am forever thankful for the help I got but I have avoided getting outside help since then. I’d rather fail the first time on my own.

So, I am wondering what is the best field or discipline to get in if you want to be a successful consultant that is in high enough demand now and will be in the future, assures flexible work hours, good pay, and might generate customer loyalty ? If I can answer this questions and could see myself working in that job, I think I will have found a serious career goal.


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