A Solar Grand Plan (Scientific American, Jan ’08)

I recently made a post about geo-engineering. I had read about ideas how to artificially introduce dust into the atmosphere to create an effect similar to volcanic eruptions, thus off-setting global warming effects…. Well wouldn’t it be smarter to let the sun’s rays penetrate and invest the money into solar energy ? Here is a Scientific American article that discusses the technology and feasibility of doing just that for the United States – $420 billion to cover 69% of US electricity needs by the year 2050 !

Here is a quote: “Ironically, the solar grand plan would lower energy consumption. Even with 1 percent annual growth in demand, the 100 quadrillion Btu consumed in 2006 would fall to 93 quadrillion Btu by 2050. This unusual offset arises because a good deal of energy is consumed to extract and process fossil fuels, and more is wasted in burning them and controlling their emissions.”


One Response to “A Solar Grand Plan (Scientific American, Jan ’08)”

  1. I’m in! That’s less than the cost of the Iraq war.

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