Will Bloomberg Run ?

My last post was silly. What was I thinking ?! The biggest potential fun is still ahead. What if Bloomberg Runs ?! I don’t think I’d necessarily vote for him. But I think he would a great addition to the race. He will be at least as qualified as Clinton and McCain, and maybe more so than Obama and Romney. I’ve read he might set aside $1 billion to pay for his campaign. A tough pill to swallow for the other contenders. His run would make this a more interesting race. I hated Nader running twice. Ralph Nader is to blame for 8 years of George Bush. But I thought Perot was the best part about the election in 1992. So, when I think about it, yes, let him run. Now that the Huckabees and Kucinichs are goners, let’s roll out another viable candidate and let the sparring begin.


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