The Return of the Luddite – What is VoIP ?

Okay, it’s a new year (whoa, we’re about 10% done with it already), and we’re cleaning up our financial house. (Just kidding.) My wife and I are paying something like $70 for two cell phones a month and then just shy of $100 for internet, and local/long distance phone. I’ve started using my cell for long distance because it’s free. Yet I like to have a home phone rather than switch completely to mobiles. Plus, I make several calls to Germany every month… what’s the best way to consolidate and save some $$$ here ? For the first time, I’m hearing about VoIP, or internet phone, as I would call it. A friend of mine in Europe’s been trying to get to use Skype. I never did. But VoIP looks cool. Any draw backs ? I need to know! And what’s the best combo with high speed internet ?

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