For my last post, I went to wikipedia.org. I’m a poor typist. Never really learned how to type properly. So before getting it right – typing furiously – I produced the following results: wikpedia.org, wikipidia.org, wikipdia.org…. Each time you actually end up at an existing website. I’ve often wondered who buys these typo domains hoping for business.

Now, I know that this phenomenon is called typosquatting. Apparently, there are large networks of domain names that make tons of money from advertising while all their traffic is generated from people’s typos. Sounds like a no-brainer that other people besides myself make typos. Selling domains like bestdamncarabinerever.com to the highest bidder is one thing – a cool idea. Using goooogle.com for advertising – that’s pretty sneaky.

Also interesting, although a year old, is this article that talks about how Microsoft’s IE takes your typo entered into the search bar, responds by saying that there is no such website, and then suggests as an alternative the site that you were looking for, but in a form of an advertising link that if clicked will generate advertising dollars for Microsoft. Wow !

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