Web Design Book

Picked up another book that promises to lift the veil on some of the CSS secrets I haven’t mastered yet. This looks like real no-frills, hands-on stuff.

Computer books and software guides are another story. Ever since I bought my first tome on MS Excel or whatever it was, the frustration of total hit-and-miss has stayed the same. The books have gotten fancier, better paper, more color etc. But the fact that they are hopelessly inflated, most likely because at $59.95 and similar prices you seem to be paying by the pound, is a bit of a scam. Some 1000-page thick volumes seem to deliberately keep the contents of a page to a minimum. That’s ridiculous. In terms of environmental impact, there should be a tax on paper waste like that.

Obviously, these days, you get your most up-to-date and in-depth info on the web. So, I don’t keep half as many books around my desk as I used to. One ‘google’ and you got the answer, pretty much any answer. But it’s nice to have a book organized in real chapters that lets you turn pages back and forth and scribble notes in the margins… you see I’m not completely living in the bookless world


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