Where did the Worms go ?

Last spring and summer, when it rained an unusual lot here in Texas (have I mentioned this blog is written in Texas?) my 1 1/2 year old son and I spent many hours digging around the garden searching for earthworms. Yes, you heard right. We’ve had a major composting operation in the backyard, and the idea of putting to work some worms in the compost pile, got the two us started, well I should say I got us started. Daniel wasn’t too involved in the decision making process.

After every rain, we’d go out with a shovel and bucket and look for worms. Daniel had a blast holding wiggly worms in his hand, dropping them, picking them up again, watching them wiggle some more…

Then, in the fall, when it got colder, we put the worms in a big tub filled with “food” (i.e.dirt) and moved it into the shed to protect the wigglers from the first frost. After all, having worked hard to find them, we wanted them to still be around in the spring. Every now and then, we’d water them to keep the dirt nice and moist, just the way worms like it.

Imagine our surprize when we checked on our worms yesterday – a wonderful sunny Texas spring day in February, and almost all our worms had disappeared ! What a shock ! Where might they have gone ? I’m starting to think that maybe it got a little too dry in the dirt box, and the poor worms shriveled up and died, and turned to dirt. I feel bad 😦

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