Thinking about Web Programming

Got an email from old buddy of mine with a PhD in computer science. Whenever I have had any questions about anything regarding computers and software, he has been of little help in the past because the stuff he does is just way over my head. This time around, he had some very encouraging things to say about Ruby on Rails (my recent post) which leads me to believe that maybe that’s a harmless way to get started on some web programming. The choices in that area seem endless – Perl, PHP, Ruby on Rails, CGI, Ajax, Servlets, Portlets, ASP, JSP… makes me feel smart just to rattle ‘me off like this. The truth is I can’t tell one from the other.

I still don’t see myself as one day being a programmer in any serious sense of the word. I’m right now transitioning froms static HTML with a sprinkle of JScript to HTML with CSS, so maybe I could with time add enough other technologies to run a neat little website, rather than just create some pages.


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