The End of Windows…

 I am flirting with the idea of buying a laptop running ubuntu Linux. I have some insurance money I received for a stolen laptop, and I need to spend it. Why Linux ? I am sick and tired of Vista. It’s such a pain in the ass, so much worse than XP the flaws and annoyances of which I had gotten used to. I am not really crazy about learning yet another OS (though somewhat intrigued). But I am very curious whether Linux does what it promises. If so, more power to it, and I might turn into a convert for years to come. I love the idea of an independent, user-created operating system. I have known about the Linux community for years. Friends of mine always tried to get me interested. But I never really bothered to find out more about. Now that I am becoming more interested in different web technologies and the software behind them, the thought of having a free system with free, intelligent software is extremely appealing. When you read about how much of the web and other functionality is actually handled by Linux servers, there may be a lot of useful stuff to learn once you’re on board. I’ll keep you posted.


One Response to “The End of Windows…”

  1. J D Gallagher Says:

    Before you buy your computer with Linux you may want to try doing some experimentation. You can actually run Linux at the same time as Windows by using a PC emulator program.

    I’ve been playing around with VMWare player and using an alternative OS in that environment.

    Basically you set up an alternative hardware emulated environment on your PC, then boot with Linux and get to know it.

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