Time Wasted – Grocery Shopping

I went grocery shopping last night, and it felt like the biggest waste of time. Okay, I didn’t go to the usual store but I went to the Super-Target where cornflakes are located three clicks from the granola, and organic bananas half a mile from the fish. I should’ve known better. Even with a list my wife had prepared for me, with little footnotes such as “Pie Crust – please buy Pillsbury, it’s better” it took forever. Every time I put one thing in the shopping cart, the next item was at the other end of the store.

Whatever happened to online grocery shopping ? Seems that for a while, a few years back, there was talk of that. Did it ever take off ? I just googled, and found that Albertson’s – one of the big players in North Texas – does online shopping, @ $9.95 per delivery. That’s not bad. Depending on how reliable the service is and how good the web experience while ordering, I could see myself using this service. Netgrocer.com will let you order groceries, but for $100 worth of stuff, they charge $27.99 for Fedex shipping. Whoa ! I don’t think so.

I was thinking last night that it would be a great help if you could create your shopping list online and then print out a map that shows you where the stuff is on the shelves at the store. Just by cutting out the running-around, asking for assistance etc. I think I could have cut the 60 minutes at Target last night down to 10 minutes ! I wouldn’t even need them to get my groceries and have them waiting for me. Just tell me where they are and let me print a map with perfect routing through the aisles – one trip through the store.


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