Digital Video Headaches

So, I have a bunch of little video files of our 2-year old I recorded with our digital still camera. I can watch these files on the computer but I wanted to make a DVD for the grandparents. Turns out they’re AVIs not MPEGs. Not that it seems to matter (yet). A disk with Nero that came with a DVD writer I bought last year no longer works with Vista, neither does Power Director that came with my digital video camera (which I can’t stand and therefore don’t use much)… frustration. The whole digital media market is just so friggin’ confusing. Too many formats/file and compression types, too many media types… what about this BluRay issue making the news !? I just don’t have the time for the nitty gritty on this one. All I want to do is shoot some footage and make a DVD with it.

As a rule by now, I try not to use Windows products. They are stubborn, inflexible, opinionated, and make the wrong people rich. So I started looking for software that converts AVI files to DVD format and burns it on DVD. Found something by cucusoft I thought was freeware. But it only worked once, then asked me to purchase. Didn’t give me much time as a trial version, did ya ? Right now, I’m testing a freeware product by Koyote Soft but I have been getting stupid Windows errors (see my last post), and I’m not sure this is going to work either.

Oh, how I wish this were all true plug and play. I have a feeling that would be my experience on a Mac. At least my hope is that with Linux most of the software would be free. – I have fun recording videos of our son. But they keep piling up, and I’m not doing anything with them because it’s too tedious  and time consuming. To make matters worse, my first DV camera used tapes before it was stolen. Now, I’m stuck with a stack of tapes that I don’t know how to get on DVD…. this kinda stuff drives me crazy !

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