Why did we need Vista ?

All morning, I have been trying to burn a DVD using different programs and I eventually end up with the Windows error message: “Windows Host Process Rundll32 has Stopped Working”. I got 24 such windows a moment ago. I even get this error using the stupid Windows DVD Maker. So, I’ve looked online, and this seems to be a common error. Could be due to Windows trying to display video files as thumbnails… Jesus, what do these people at Redmond do all day !? To be fair, I must say, so far Vista worked pretty flawlessly on my machine. I started using this in December ’07, and haven’t had any crashes or compatibility issues. But you have to wonder why it was necessary to revamp XP and make it into something so much more complicated, or should I say unfriendly, to use. This wasn’t remodeling, this was moving shit from one drawer in the house to another where you’re sure not to find it. – I am more determined even than last week to try out Linux.

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