Cookies are driving up the blog stats !

Awesome, this blog’s been running a little over a month, and my visitor numbers are through the roof. What’s going on ? Weirdly, the most common search term that takes people to my blog has been “cookies”. Haha. Just because of my short post about the subject a few days ago. Well, in order not to let down those folks who come here looking for information about cookies, let me say this:

Although my 10-year fear of cookies may be unfounded, I am still wiping clean the slate at the end of every day. I use diskcleaner.exe and ccleaner.exe. Their scope of cleaning services overlaps somewhat but used together they wipe out hundreds of megabytes of crap every day, mostly temporary files. And down the pipe with them go all the cookies. For websites where I’d like to be remembered I am creating accounts, and that works just fine.

And while we’re on the subject of keeping your system clean by running an ultra-light combo of utilites: for antivirus services, I use spybot and AVG, for spam it’s spamihilator.


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