Thinkpad – Linux Compatibility

Okay, after long hours of research and contemplation, I just ordered a laptop – an IBM/Lenovo Thinkpad.  I spent a little bit more than originally intended, but I will be recompensated upto $500 from my insurance. I have read a lot recently about installing and running Linux on laptops, and it appears that Thinkpads are rather friendly to this OS, sometimes even allow for out-of-the-box installation. Let’s see how lucky I get.

My last laptop I bought in 2005. It was an Averatec. And although it served me well while traveling for 6 months (it was small and light), I didn’t like it enough to buy another. The screen wasn’t the best, the sleep/hibernate mode didn’t always work perfectly, and finally it got seriously hot after only a short run-time. Averetec also doesn’t seem to have established much of a foothold on the laptop market. I couldn’t find many models online. Before 2005, my wife and I owned a Toshiba (very nice) and Fujitsu (okay, a very heavy, cumbersome clunky by today’s standards, bought in 1998 and stolen in Aug 2007 – it’s the one I’m replacing). I looked at a number of Toshibas but just wasn’t too impressed by the visuals. 🙂 Whatever that means. Thinkpads also reputedly continue a tradition of reliability and tough construction.

Ok, I am looking forward to getting this laptop next week and then experimenting with Linux, and learning Python, Perl, and Ruby. That’s just for starters. So watch for me at the races. I will be the one looking like a programmer geek.

PS: I did read this here blog post on wordpress (“Let’s face it – Linux is not coming to the Desktop”) this morning, and I get the guy’s point. It will be very hard for Linux to really conquer the mainstream simply because people are creatures of habit and their sick habit is called Ms Windows. But that only makes me want to give Linux a shot even more. I am craving IT-independence !

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  1. Good luck! It doesn’t need to be difficult, it just costs time. But once you’ve invested that time, it’s a wonderful experience (or at least, I thought so) :).

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