What is Nader’s Problem ?

How self-absorbed is Ralph Nader ?! Apparently enough so to put his own fun at running ridiculous presidential campaigns over the fate of the country. Okay, Ralph, so you have made your point – twice. You’ve shown us that you can make a difference. The difference has been in mucking it up, once making things worse than before, twice in giving us the worst president ever. Is that what you wanted ? If you’ve got any other points to make, please write a book, sell it for $100 dollars a pop, and we will all promise to buy your book rather than donate to the other candidates. Just, please, quit getting in the way. If it’s limelight that you’re seeking, someone, please, give this sorry son-of-a-father a movie role. If you like watching your less-than-gorgeous face on TV, someone, please give him a stint on a Sunday morning program. Just, Ralph, please, take your act home. It’s getting ridiculous. There is a real chance of a Democrat winning this time, so don’t screw it up. Things improve under both Clinton or Obama. You, however, are no Obama, and no Clinton. I guess you once hoped you might be an Obama. But have failed. You’re a running joke now. And if, which by now I’m suspecting, you are a Republican at heart, which would make you the worst of their kind, then join the party and run for office like everyone who claims to want to make a difference. That would be the right thing to do. Right now, you seem like the little kid in the sandbox where the others are fighting over toys, and all you’re doing is sitting in the corner throwing with sand. So do what your momma would have told you to do and quit !!!


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