The Bureaucrat or the Visionary ?

Somewhere I recently saw a comparison of Obama and Clinton using the terms in the title above. It hit things right on the nail. At least that’s how they come across. There is no doubt in my mind that Hillary has valuable experience, but I’m beginning to think that Obama is bringing something very valuable although very different to the table as well. It would be nice to see a woman become President. But it would be more spectacular, I think, if Obama made the race. It would, over night, establish my confidence that this country is reaching for a new frontier and wants a clear break, a San Andreas Fault size fissure,  from the shameful shenanigans we’ve seen going on for 7 years under Bush. I used to think that somehow Hillary deserved a chance. But maybe she had her chance and she gave it away when she let her husband run in 1992 rather than run herself. She would have been a better President than Bill. She would have saved us the embarassment and aftermath of his escapades, and she would have saved us the disaster of the anti-Bill backlash — Bush-Cheney. Her VP, whether it might have been Gore or someone else, would have succeeded her, and things abroad and at home would be very different from the mess they are in now. So, to make a long story short, I am at peace with an Obama Presidency, and – maybe, yes ,maybe I’m just a little bit looking forward to it, too.


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