Is my tap water safe ??

It was all over the news yesterday. An investigation by AP News into the safety of US tap water. Apparently, they found all kinds of mean, nasty, ugly chemicals in drinking water of large Metropolitan areas in the United States. First thing you want to know, of course, is: how about my city ?? Turns out that Arlington, Texas, home to the Dallas Cowboys and Texas Rangers (and myself) has had an unidentified chemical (the secrecy is explained with post-9/11 security concerns) substance in the public water supply. Great ! Thanks for sharing this important information.

So I go to the City of Arlington / Water Utilities page, andĀ – BOOM – there is already an article about how not to dispose of your pharmaceuticals by flushing them down the toilet. Hello ?! Strangely, it mentions, in particular, something called Endocrine Disrupting Compounds – hmm, sounds bad, could it be that’s what they found in our water ?? – I don’t really care how this stuff disrupts my system – the fact that this group of chemicals includes DDT, PCB, and dioxin is enough to cause you to lose sleep. So what’s a man to do ? I’m usually not one to panic when people are afraid of tap water. I’ve read enough times that most tap water is healthier than bottled water. But what if it’s both bad ? How are you supposed to rely on the quality of your drinking water if all the sudden you learn that there is a whole bunch of mean, nasty, ugly compounds they don’t even test for at the water plant !

This here EPA paper talks about how to remove EDCs from drinking water. Activated carbon filtration… I wonder if the run-of-the-mill BRITA water filter we used to use at home and then quit using would do the job ? Again, I’m overwhelmed by too much news and too little information. Welcome to the age of confusion.

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