Now all we need is 1000 art lovers….

cover_image1.jpgI was happy to note this morning that Kevin is posting again. A bit of a lull there, ole chap. Anyway, he had a link to an interesting article about the creative/artist market place or career dilemma in the age of the internet. You should read it. It’s a thought I’ve had myself before… no, seriously, when trying to come up with ideas how to promote my wife’s art career. As a ‘commecial’ writer, you need a large enough readership to make the printing of your books or articles worth it. If readers don’t number in the thousands, you bon’t break into any kind of market. But as a painter, you only need one buyer for each piece that you produce. So the case that the above mentioned post makes is that all you need is a hardcore group of fans and supporters who will buy everything you produce, and then you won’t have to produce that much to make a living. I think I will have to persuade my wife to start thinking that way. If we can call everyone who has bought her artwork in the past a hardcore supported in the past, I am sure there are 50-100 of them. If each of them recruits 10 more, we’ll be close to 1000. If you would like to become a hardcore fan, here is her website.

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