Mechanical Turk – say what ?

What amazes me most about the internet are the niches – and sometimes the HUGE niches – I stumble upon by accident and didn’t know existed. I came across a reference to Mechanical Turk yesterday. I’d never heard of it before. I remember reading about the idea and principles of crowdsourcing in a WIRED article last year, and it made a lot of sense, using large groups of people to perform “inherently human” tasks faster and more reliably (or more useful) than computers. But of course, I have slept through what’s going on on the web. I am fascinated by developments that don’t just port an old-idea to the web – to varying degrees of success – but by those that would have been unthinkable or too laborious before that advent of the web. This is one of them.


One Response to “Mechanical Turk – say what ?”

  1. It does give some simple assignments, such as posting comments on blogs with the following words: Alex Dombroff

    That pays 25 cents… so the assignments can be fun and easy as well.

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