Bridging the Divide from WebDesign to WebProgramming

I really wasn’t planning to venture in PHP with my Web Design experiments. I am more interested in ‘real’ programming – is it fair to say PHP is more of a scripting language ? (I probably just made some enemies….) I would like to learn either Python or Ruby instead. Something to write a stand-alone application in – however minuscule that piece of software may turn out to be.

But I picked up “Codin’ for the Web” at, and started reading last night. It seems to do a good job (as promised by the reviews) of easing you into web programming when you’ve done a little HTML and CSS. It does so by introducing PHP and SQL. Which would be great stuff to know. Every time, I have to update my wife’s artist website because she has produced a new painting she would like to feature, I have to change some HTML code… I would love the idea of instead changing some database entry for a new piece of art, and then letting the XHTML webpage figure out the rest…

Gee, I’ve got a long ways to go. And there is so much info on the web! Still, I enjoy keeping a couple of books handy as I explore these topics, and this one promises to be among the better.


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