Going back to AOL

aol_logo.gifI have had an AOL email account for years and years. For a long time, I used their software for email but never any of the other services. Finally I got tired of the stupid news flashes and the too-busy desktop. When I got my new computer running Vista, I switched to WindowsMail and began checking AOL mail via imap. I first tried Eudora which I had used for years but Vista didn’t like it and forced me to use Windows Mail. Now, suddenly, I find that somehow, the stupid Windows product has compacted my mail boxes and thrown out a bunch of old emails. They have disappeared without a trace. Heck, time to change again.

AOL has come out with their new version 10.0. I’ve got it up and running, and I like it. It’s much cleaner than the old service, and let’s you turn off those news channels and stuff that were starting to drive me crazy. Plus, now you can even check other email accounts (e.g. gmail) through AOL. I’m giving AOL another chance.

PS: Eventually, I plan to switch to reading/checking email on my Ubuntu Laptop. 🙂


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  1. wow.

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