Digital Geologic Atlas of Texas

geomap.jpgOkay, search and you will find. Searching for just the right solution to your needs is not always straight forward on the web, especially when you’re used to skimming over web pages (a habit caused by too many low-content pages) you can miss what you’re after by just a hair and never find it. But then, I’m usually quite hopeful because with THAT many users, other out there are bound to have had the same question, and someone out there’s probably found the answer.

I have visited the Texas Natural Resources Information System (TNRIS) several times, but somehow I missed this page that explains the program of creating the digital GAT (Geologic Atlas of Texas). I must say their website does not offer the most obvious navigation. Anyway, they are making the GAT available in the form of personal geodatabases (one for each original paper sheet, total of 38) which included all the vectorized data, a scanned and georeferenced raster of the original hardcopy, and – dadada !- ESRI style file (that’s what they’re called) allowing you display all digital features in the same style as the original paper copy.

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