Positioning yourself in the Job Market

I was just browsing an internet job site this afternoon when I came across an interesting job posting describing just the kind of geology/technology position I would be interested in. Without thinking much about it, I contacted the posting party with my resume.

I’m really quite happy in my job these days but feel like I ought to keep my feelers out there. Staying in the same job too long can make you doubt your current marketability. It’s also helpful to review job requirements/ qualifications listed in postings because it indicates what skills companies are looking for and what techno-familiarity or experience they expect. In this ad, they mentioned the software PETRA, ( IHS.com – “integrating geological, engineering and petrophysical analysis along with seismic interpretation and display tools”). I’d never heard ot it. So I downloaded a trial copy and will take a look. Who knows if I will ever use it. I like to think of it merely as broadening my horizon.

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