Python & GIS ==> GeoDjango

I first read about Django as an alternative to Ruby on Rails. Then someone recommended in conjunction with GIS. Now, that I’ve actually started teaching myself Python, I got curious again and did some searching, and found GeoDjango – an attempt to create a “world-class geographic web framework”. Very interesting. I have no idea what exactly it does. So much of what’s on the page is total gobble-dee-gook to me as of yet. But it’s exciting because this is all new development, and although the learning curve is steep, I may be able to catch up.

Here is the online book for GeoDjango –

Here is another blog HOBU, Inc. packed with good GIS / programming information. It’s where I read about GeoDjango. Again, it shows me I’ve got a long way to go but it also shows what potential and momentum there is in this field, expecially the open source.

Here is a link A Guide to the Python Universe for ESRI Users. A general overview of Python resources for ArcGIS users.

And finally, I found some good / free online books for Python through this page – a Python course syllabus.

Dive into Python and A Byte of Python.


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