Shoulder Injury

Ever since that 2nd day of my recent rock climbing trip, my shoulder hasn’t been the same. It’s not killing me. I am able to move it pretty much as much as I like. But this is associated with moderate pain. After googling a lot, I suspect it’s the rotator cuff. Whoa ! That’s one of those lasting, almost irreparable problems people develop, right ? I can’t imagine I did that much damage. I really don’t think that I tore a muscle or tendon because there was no pain when I did it. There has been no inflammation or constant paint. It’s like a sprained ankle that hurts when you stretch or bend it and the slowly but progressively get better. And I do think it is getting better. It’s felt best after a day’s work in the yard last weekend, and after a brief, slow run the other night. Some of the pain may therefore be more related to stiffness from not using the shoulder as much as usual. I don’t know. I will give it another week, and then decide whether someone needs to look at it.

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