My Time Dilemma

I am in a bit of a dilemma. My recent exploration in the universe of computer programming has me enjoying the exhilirating experience that I am totally digging what I’m learning, that the programming is far from the abstract, unintelligible, enigmatic underworld I always thought it would be, while at the same time I’m realizing that to get to any professionally useful level of accomlishment and expertise, at my current speed, would take me years ! What I need is 3 months off going to work at home teaching myself skills. Unfortunately, I have a job to do that – although it provides ample downtime every week that I can turn into something productive – is in the way of continuous, uninterrupted study and exploration. I either need to win the lottery or find a job with even less to do while I pursue my education. Yeah, KD, I know you what you’re going to say… but that was different !

One Response to “My Time Dilemma”

  1. I think the investment you’re making in educating yourself is fantastic! Keep it up.

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