Job Search in a Technocrat World

I used to worry too much about specific qualifications when it came to looking for a job. Maybe worry is too strong of a word. I used to waste time wondering if what I put on the resume came even close to the job ad spelled out. The truth is that most job postings set the bar so high that you wonder whether the employer asked the guy leaving the job to build himself a monument by writing the job description of his future replacement.

“We want someone who take of 125% of what could possibly come up – do it all on day 1, and we’ll pay minimum wage.”

In an ever more technocrat world where software packages become more and more comprehensive and “labor-intensive” and many jobs are basically reduced to running one, a couple, or a handful or programs – a raison-d’etre for entire positions or even departments, you often wonder whether the ability to operate a piece of software is totally overrated in comparison to a well rounded educational and professional background. Which Over the years, I have found that you can pick up most software skills in much less time than they make you believe. So what difference does it make whether you know the thing inside out on Day 1 or whether it takes you a month ?? Shouldn’t it be more important to hire to guy who can figure it out in a month ? A year later, when the next software update hits the market, he’ll have to do it all over again anyway.

If this sounds a bit like a pep talk, it probably is. I just emailed my resume to five companies looking for GIS professionals. I have no idea whether anything will come of this. Like I said, the kind of people the job postings were describing would be properly classified as technology superheros. Myself, on the other hand, I’ve only got a few months of training under my belt. But right now, I feel extremely motivated to become a superhero. I think given the right opportunity, I’d sink my teeth into technology and …. I will keep the reader posted.

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