Lost in the Linux Universe

Armed with two books on open-source GIS: “GIS fro Web Developers” and “Beginning MapServer” I’ve started trying to set up various open source programs on my laptop running Linux. It’s already been a month since my last tentative dip into Linux, and I’ve forgotten half of what I learned. Maybe trying to do all this on a new operating system was asking a little too much at once.

This morning I tried to install Proj4. That alone took some detective work on my part. How to compile source code ?? Not an any-day-of-the-week task for a veteran Windows user. Then, just when I thought I’d figured it out, there is an error with gcc – the C compiler, I understand. Whoa ! This is worse than I thought. A little google voodoo took me to the ubuntu Linux forum. I’m missing some C/C+ library – libc6-dev. Come to think of it, of course, how could I forget !? So get that apt and go…. BOOM, another problem… now, I think it’s a directory snafu… did I mess up exploding my tar ball ??? I’m starting to wonder if this Linux thing was a good idea. It’s kinda neat, and there’s lots of help on the web. But – hey – couldn’t this be more straight forward ? Is open source worth the hassle ???

I’m still wanting to install Proj, Geos, Gedal, PostgreSQL, and PostGIS – so say a prayer for me when you have a minute. 😉

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