Learning Linux

So, I’ve been having a helluva time learning Linux… helluva a good time, and a heavenly bad one. The bad part being that nothing – even following the step by step instructions – is working the way it’s supposed to. The good part being that – rather than merely following the instructions – I am getting what seems to be a thorough introduction to Linux because I have to google every step and term and command to try to single out where the bugs might be.

Interesting facets of Linux as compared to Windows as I have noticed them so far are:

Users – it seems very common, useful, and almost imperative to be switching users in mid-session in Linux when you’re trying to get things done. Using “sudo” to become the super user and setting file and directory permissions and then switching back to the ‘normal’ user to continue what you were working on seems a lot easier than in Windows. Well, I guess there isn’t much use/need for it in Windows… in fact, it would never occur to me.

Path – This one kept throwing me off. I kept thinking that when I “cd” to a certain directory and then run some executable/command in that directory it would work. Somehow, I’m finding that this isn’t good enough, and I’m having to repeat the whole directory path more often than seems intuitive. I need to figure out how the PATH thing works. Maybe I’m still not understanding this. Either way, it seems to be way more important in Linux what directory you’re in.

But at last, I got my Postgre installation figured out, and the command line spit out some gibberish about successful installation. It seems that slowly but surely, I’m getting somewhere.

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