The Price is Right

I am sorry but I love oil prices. Granted, it sucks to pay $70 for a tank of gas just to make it to work, even though my 2-mile commute has me filling up only about once every 3 weeks. But gone are the days of regular tripS to Oklahoma for rock climbing, or hitting the drag (just kidding). I realize that this is tough for many people – especially the paycheck to paycheck crowd who was spending every penny back at $1.50 a gallon. But tough is good.

People are creatures of habit, and the easiest way to change their habits is through pain. You don’t slap a dog because its’s the only way it’s gonna get the message. It’s the quickest way. Sadly, humans in general are about as lazy as dogs when it comes to changing their habits. High gas prices are painful. That’s good. People are using less on gas. They’re buying more fuel-efficient cars. I hear that prices for plastics (made from hydrocarbons) are going up. Maybe this will give recycling a boost !! Railroads are getting more and more customers – passengers who left the SUV in the driveway, and cargo that left the 18-wheelers sitting in the lot. If prices continue going up and stay at these levels for a while, this will mean a quantum leap in conservation.

The downside is that the wrong folks are getting rich. Right now, I feel like big oil should be taxed into oblivion. Most likely though that would backfire in some perverse way. So let them enjoy the last of their oil-based profits and maybe figure out how to invest it in alternative energies. In the meantime, let’s all hope that prices continue soaring, that the Chinese economy doesn’t tank, that the Mid-East remains a mess … we’ll see. I may be driving back up to Oklahoma again sooner than I think.


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