Getting Rid of CO2 – The Simple Approach

The crazy thing is that only because I sometimes loose hope for the simplest solution to climate change am I wondering what other crazy scenarios may be out there. The simple solution would start like this:

1) Switch off the light when you leave the room.

2) Turn up/down temperature when you’re not at home.

3) Dry your clothes on the line not in the dryer when it’s warm outside.

4) Ride a bike when you’re only going 1 mile or 2.

5) Grow some veggies in your backyard rather than drive 50 miles to your favorite restaurant.

6) Share things with your neighbor, e.g. yard equipment.

7) Use Composting and Recycle.

8 ) Eliminate all optional packaging, plastic bags, gift wrapping, and other similar waste.

9) Wear a sweater in the White House… the list goes on.

One Response to “Getting Rid of CO2 – The Simple Approach”

  1. Man, if everyone would just follow your easy suggestions, it would have a huge impact on our world. The biking one is big; it would improve health as well as lower air pollution and oil usage. Also save some money 🙂

    When I was in college I rode my bike everywhere, but sadly, I now have to drive to work. I hereby encourage all college students to get a bike; it’s very worth it.

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