Remembrances of Things Past

I just sent in my registration for taking the PG (Professional Geoscientist) test this fall. For a couple of weeks, whenever I have time, I’ve been going over the study manual to get an idea what kind of intellectual slaughter awaits me. It’s amazing how much you forget in 10 years. It’s been 10 years since I got my Master’s, and I feel like half of what I learned in school – because I’ve never had to remember it for anything – has been forgotten. Much of it is simply terminology and definitions, and most quantitative kind of classifications. When do you call something (e.g. a rock) A and when B ? It appears that the months to come will remind me of my college days, of cramming for exams. Surely, I can remember enough to pass my test, right ?!  But will it also be a reminder of the greater pictures of the field I earned my degree in ? The why and how and what’s it all about ? Maybe with 10 years distance, I will actually have some Eureka moments when it comes to things that never made any sense to me… Why am I doing it ? I keep talking about wanting to branch out into different directions. So why bother with the test ? No, it’s not merely the prospect of making more money, nor the title by my name. It’s… The crowning end of a career ? I don’t know.

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