News That Really Matter

I was reading the paper this morning, and there were 2 articles that caught my attention. Article #1 was about Wallstreet. Okay, the Street is tanking. Anyone surprized ? If you thought that “things” were getting better, I don’t know what kind of Neverland you’re living in. The economy is a mess. The United States is a macro-economic time bomb. A lot of things have to get much worse (read: correct) to get the economic house back in order. So frankly, a 3.5% drop of the DOW is a non-event on the noteworthiness scale. As I’m writing this the DOW is at 11,439. Let’s see where it will be tonight.

Article #2 I read was about bee colony collapse disorder. What is that ? It’s a shocking phenomenon that has bees literally disappearing from the landscape. At this point, the reasons for it are still poorly understood, but the consequences are already felt in agriculture where much (most?) that blooms is pollinated by bees, and the potential future ramifications might be disastrous. It might have to do with insecticides, environmental stress, climate change, anti-biotics, other pathogens, or poor nutrition. Whatever is to blame, we need to save our bees.

So, there I was, in bed having my cup of coffee, and it occurred to me that most likely the Wallstreet news was getting 99% of the morning news attention whereas the death of bees would go unnoticed. I think we’ve got a long ways to go with environmental awareness and thinking through every type of change and impact we may be making on our natural world. Nature is very complex. Think of it like playing chess. It’s not enough to anticipate your opponent’s response to your next move… no, you wanna think a least several moves deep into the future of the game.


One Response to “News That Really Matter”

  1. You make a good point. We’re so disconnected from nature these days that most people can’t imagine (or don’t care about) the connection between bees and humans.

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