Deep Economy – Bill McKibben

I am currently reading “Deep Economy” by Bill McKibben. I recently stumbled across this book on amazon and ordered it immediately. Back on 1993 or 1994, I read BM’s “The End of Nature”. I wouldn’t go so far as saying that it gave my my green consciousness but it was fascinating and alarming reading about climate change and human impact on the whole planet before these topics became mainstream material rather recently.

The message of “Deep Economy” seems to be that our whole socio-economics systems is built around growth and the belief that “more is better” and growth is needed to improve our existence. That this is shallow or naive thinking should be clear because growth is measured on a dollar by dollar basis, and thus excludes anything not neatly measurable in dollars. But we all know that you can’t measure an improved quality of life only indollars. And we might suspect that quality of life (being better off) might include other life forms than merely homo sapiens. Yes, I think my life would be worse off if I could trade my car in for a Lexus and in return loose one species of one-celled organisms. Does that make me a radical ? Most likely so, at least in the eyes of many people who’d gladly take the Lexus.


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  1. […] almost finished with Bill McKibben’s “Deep Economy”, and the book makes a great point about scale, about changing things at the community level. […]

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