Conservation for Climbers

(the following is from an email in response to thoughts about (environmental) conservation by outdoor loving rock climbers…)

The issue of conservation is a curious one when it comes to climbers. We like to think of ourselves as people who enjoy the outdoors and do their share of keeping it clean (Leave no trace). Compared to other sports/hobbies, much of what we acquire as gear has a relatively long life expectancy and therefore does not fall into the “disposable” category … but are there ways in which we could do more ? be better conservationists when it comes to our outdoors pursuits / passion ? Okay, I’m brainstorming…

– How about car pooling ? Ought to be a must-do no-brainer !!!
– How about air-miles logged getting to far off climbing destinations ?
– Can you recycle old climbing ropes or webbing ? 😉
– How about the drinks/water bottles we bring out for climbing ? Bottled vs. Tap water !?
– How about disposable plates/silverware/cups for camping – anyone ?
– Or disposable batteries for flashlights ?
I’m sure I’m missing a bunch of things…

I’ve started thinking a lot more about this lately, now that this country may finally be entering the age of eco-enlightenment, and I try to catch myself doing things that – really – aren’t that eco-sensitive and where I could easily do better without a major loss of life-style quality.

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