Economic Upside Down

It used to puzzle West Germans when they heard that on the “other” side of the Berlin Wall, East Germans had to order cars – the world famous “Trabant” (see image) – years in advance because supply of new cars was so limited. As a result, demand drove up prices for used cars above the price for new cars, no doubt, you’d say, something that could only happen in a planned economy.

Well, in case you haven’t noticed’t: the US economy is in upheaval. Whether it’s merely due to energy prices or an “environmental awakening” or both, the economy as we have known is changing, and (thank God!) it will never be the same again. Now, I’m reading that prices for a used Toyata Prius average $27,945. Compare that to the new Prius MSRP of $26,645.  Whoa ! Buckle up. We’re all in for quite a ride.

PS: The Trabant was a cute-as-an-ugly-toy piece of crap that polluted the air like no other. But it was small and light and made of some kind of plastic/wood composite. Ironically, I think, that if we all drove Trabants, the world might be a better place and gasoline would be much cheaper !


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