The Do-Gooder’s Dilemma

Since we bought our house 2 years ago, I’ve been doing a lot of different things to try to conserve energy and water.


– We converted much of our front yard from lawn to xeriscape.

– We installed gutters and rain barrels that help us collect a lot of rain water WHEN it rains.

– We have been mulching and composting all the leaves from several large oaks on our property.


– We’ve replaced most incandescent bulbs with CFL.

– We’ve replaced all windows and two exterior doors.

– We’ve insulated the attic and I’m in the process of replacing all AC ducts.

– We keep the thermostat set at very reasonable levels, not freezer temps.

Much of this was to save money, to be “green”, or simply because it felt right and made sense. But then, even trying to get it right and have a positive impact, you can overshoot your objective.

It’s been rather Hot ‘n Dry in Texas if you didn’t know. So I’ve been adding some mulch here and there in the yard lately. And that after reading this Mother Jones article about the Destruction of Cypress Forest for mulch in Louisiana. Darn it ! So I’m pretty sure I’ve been buying some evil product offsetting all the good I thought I was doing. Hey it’s a complicated, inter-connected world full of treacherous pitfalls, right ?


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