The Week in Review

Been busy studying… got about six weeks or so left to recap half a college education. I am not finding the time to blog a lot.

1) The Olympics – How come Chinese gymnasts are 14 years old claiming to be 16 using official fake government issued passports ?! They should have never given the Olympics to the Chinese. As far as I know those Chinese athletes are either all on dope or they are disposable dummies. — How come Brazilians are playing beachball for Georgia ?! Can’t we just make a rule that says you either compete for the country where you were born or have lived for 20 years or you don’t compete ?! How about making a United Nations team for all those folks who can’t or don’t won’t to compete for their passpart nation !

Check out this AP news story on the 13-year old gold medalits, on

2) Weather – There is rain in the forecast. Unbelievable. And the weather actually promises to be cooler next week. Heck, there may be a chance for a day of outdoor climbing before too long.

3) Climate – I’m reading a lot about global warming. What I didn’t know that 1976 was a marker year. Ever since that year, things have been changing noticeably, even if we’re only noticing now because we weren’t paying attention then. The number of species going extinct has been steadily increasing since 1976. Yes, you could argue that a kind of toad here and a fish there don’t add up too much. But think about it. Just sit down and think about it for a while what it means to loose a animal species FOR EVER just because you like to chill your house in August or you drive your lazy butt around in a Hummer. It’s sad, it’s sick, it’s pathetic.

4) I am building a studio in the backyard, and I am having a blast. I would love to build a house one day. No idea if that is going to happen but man, it would be great to just buy a piece of land and build your own house. Of course, if you think carbon footprint, it would be much more proper to buy and old house an doverhaul that…yeah, I find myself thinking a lot about those types of things these days.

5) Just saw my last post there about Edwards. Whatever happened to the story about John McCain’s wild fling with a lobbyist ? Come on, guys, you lazy journalists, dig up some dirt! I admit the guys looks old enough to have had a date with Greta Garbo, but still, where is the scoop on that one ?

6) And what’s up with Wall Street ? I looked up the definition for volatility which was kind of interesting because I thought it merely meant a lof of volume of stock bouncing up and down, investors going in and out the market, and the indeces wiggling along… anyway, in my humble opinion what the market is doing is … it has no idea what it’s doing, and that can’t be good. So I’m sticking with my DOW 10,500 before the end of the bear market. Mark my words. I’ve got nothing to lose. (On the contrary, at this point, I’m just waiting to put it all back in the market at 10,500 !

One Response to “The Week in Review”

  1. I’m all for #2 — can’t wait for fall climbing season!

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