Party Poopers

I’ve been watching some of the Democratic convention speeches – some better than others, and am really curious to hear what Obama’s tonight will be like. I wasn’t too impressed with the approach of having a bunch of ordinary Americans on stage. Not that I don’t feel they deserve it or that they don’t have something important to say. But conventions are all about advertising, right ? And in that respect, having some famous faces from Hollywood on stage would be much better… I know, I know, that would be politics as usual.

And what’s with he lame blue background behind the speakers ?! I know that the Republicans will drape everyone on stage in US flags !

In the end, this is what it comes down to: The Democrats have a young, charismatic, new face running for President who is a great speaker and hasn’t been spoiled by years in the limelight.

The Republicans have an old fart running who has tried and tried before and lost, who has thrown overboard every bit of former maverick opinion to please the old-fart right-wing electorate, and who may have actually considered choosing old fart Joe Liebermann as running mate. (The worst part being that McCain’s favorite song is Dancing Queen by ABBA. This guy is brain dead !)

The rest of the Democratic peloton consists of a former President who is the best liked American in the world, a former first lady who almost made the race, a former Vice President, Nobel Laureate, and Academy Award Winner… you get the point.

The Republicans (after getting every current administration member disqualified because they were part of the current administration) are a bunch of nobodies, also-rans, and wanna-bes. There’s only one truly charismatic and intelligent Republican. Unfortunately, he can’t run for President because of his Austrian accent, and most likely would feel more at home serving as Obama’s Secretary of Defense, right, Arnie ?


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