Campaign Season

So much has happened since my last post. So much good stuff. Thank God. – Obama’s speech was good. It was inspiring although possibly not on the same scale as other speeches in the past. But that’s understandable. After giving the same speech 500 times, you must run out of steam. This speech was more combative, more like we’ve all been wanting him to speak, take on McCain and let him have it. The Democrats wrapped up their campaign in grand style.. The setting was a bit pompous, but hey – considering that this is not a campaign but a movement, the continuation of Howard Dean’s grass roots movement in a a way – they had to set the stage like that….

And then came the Republican convention… pretty lame so far. Yeah, Fred Thompson delivered a fiery speech, and had he been the candidate, he probably would have surged in the polls. Then comes Liebermann, and had he been the vice presidential candidates, McCain would have soared in the polls… instead McCain picks America’s most gifted and talented, skilled and experienced foreign and domestic long term public office holder. Talk about judgement. McCain’s pick is pathetic, and he will loose the election !

I don’t care about her personal and family life… although I love the comspiracy on the web that her 4-month old is actually her daughter’s kid – great stuff ! If you were a maverick, John, you would have picked the guy you wanted to be your sidekick maverick, not the one the Limbaughs of the world expected you to. You are no more than a light weight, and you shall loose this election. Thank God !


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