There One Day and Gone the Next

In the ever more ephemeral world of the web, where web content is changed, revised, updated, tweaked, and tampered with, a tool like is real handy. I just stumbled across the site via links in a article that talks about a whole lotta tweakin’ going on all over the political campaign websites. So here is a site to take some snapshots of those websites you care about before the revisionistas get to work…

I hate to over-dramatize it but the trend is clear. Given the tools, i.e. media existing almost exclusively in cyberspace, people like to change the past, like to adjust and revise what they said, wrote, printed yesterday… what comes to mind ? 1984. Changing history, facts and knowledge at the click of a button. Maybe we were not quite there yet. I guess thanks to we’re less likely to get there soon.

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