Alpinist – The Magazine for the Hardcore Climber

Believe it or not, I do take time for light reading. đŸ™‚ For example, climbing magazines and guidebooks. I keep especially the guidebooks scattered around the house. It’s like taking vicarious climbing trips while in the bathroom or lounging on the couch. There are climbing routes I feel familiar with even though I’ve never ever been anywhere near the rocks they’re on because I’ve gone through the route descriptions and checked the topos so many times …

While some of the climbing magazines get on my nerves, e.g. Climbing, others like Rock & Ice do make me want to climb more and do instill a certain sense of awe for the the real hardmen of trad climbing, those past and present. In fact, there are some European magazines – British, French, German – that are quite good, too. But I recently got my first copy of Alpinist in the mail. Boy, was that a treat (although I was a it bummed to get an entire issue dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the first ascent of “The Nose” on El Cap (Yosemite). But the magazine looks great, it’s definitely a bit coffee table style, but hey, when you only get soo much time climbing on the rock, you ought to treat yourself to some climbing while lounging around the coffee table.


One Response to “Alpinist – The Magazine for the Hardcore Climber”

  1. Alpinist rocks — I think I have just about all the issues. Expensive though…

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