“The Assault on Reason” – Al Gore

 Surely, the more regular visitor (reader) to (of) this blog must be getting tired of my politically leftist, environmentally obsessed reading list. Well, I am sorry. These days, I have no choice. The keep your sanity in a world drowning in trivia – (I heard Google came out with a new browser and Apple with a new Ipod ! – WTF cares !!! ), you have to keep up with those minds of our age that keep a focus on what matters, and it just so happens that Al Gore is one of the few who do.

I had been meaning to read this book for a while. Doing so now, at the tailend of the Bush administration, is somewhat post-seasonal, but still worth your time. This book is not Bush Bashery, and only marginally a mere critique of the Bush adminstration. It is a very sharp analysis of US society today, a society with short attention span, overwhelmed by complexity, inclined and tempted to fall for simple answers and push-of-a-button solutions, a society confused and overpowered by too much information, and too little time or will to sift through it, intimidated by a general sense of fear. Fear, in fact, is the big one… you learn a lot about man and fear, about our instincts to ignore the facts when we’re faced with fear and go for simple faith, even if it’s faith in untruths… I am only a third into the book, and I could go on…

This book is a worthwile read. This guy is more than a former VP turned champion of the environment. He is a thinker, a bit of a Rennaissance man even.


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