Hurricane Weekend

This was a strange weekend. My wife and I enjoyed a very nice Friday evening, which was our anniversary, first going to dinner and seeing a play, then staying overnight in cowtown Fort Worth, Texas. Yet through it all lingered the question what would Hurricane Ike do. Where would it go and how much damage would it do ? Isn’t it strange how the world goes nuts when faced with complete and utter helplessness. There is no stoppinga Hurricane. You can turn on your TV and get an updated “project Hurricane path” every few minutes. But eventhough those projections are pretty reliable these days, there is always this crazy element of chaos that they still can’t get a handle on. So you hunker down and wait and let the weather do what it needs to do. – I haven’t heard the latest in terms of damage and casualties. We sure got luck up here around DFW, and now that it’s all over the weather super-duper georgeous.

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