Magazine Subscription Binge

Sometime earlier this year, I went on a magazine subscription binge. Although the internet has mostly supplanted television news for me, I still like to read the daily paper and magazines. I’m simply unable to read long article on my computer screen. The whole scrolling down every few seconds drives me nuts.

Before I list of the magazines I subscribed to, I need to mention that I used to take the New Yorker for years till finally I felt like they were complrtely out of touch with my ordinary life. I would recommend Hendrik Hertzberg’s New Yorker editorials as some of the best politcal commentary around, and David Denby has some great movie reviews. But the rest of the New Yorker just didn’t do it for me any longer.

So I tried Harper’s. The choice was based on one really fascinating article I had read about I don’t remember what. Turns out that Harper’s is a lot like the New Yorker, only that many articles are longer and even more out of touch with main street. I don’t intend to renew my susbscription.





Then I subscribed to Mother Jones. There is nothing like it anywhere. This is a no holds barred investigative journalism that will open your eyes to what’s going on that nobody on TV with maybe the exception of Bill Moyers on PBS talks about. This is in your face reporting. Not smooth talking. This is the best magazine. Subscribe to it now !!!



Then I tried Utne Reader. This is a compilation of articles culled from non-mainstream (ake alternative) publications around the country, and offers a great variety of stuff that – again – you won’t hear anywhere else. I love to read article that afterwards make me say: “Wow, I had no idea.” If that’s what you like, too, read Utne.




Finally, I subscribed to Earth Island Journal, a truly earthy and environmental magazine, loaded with information on the changing environment and world around us. It’s kind of like reading Sierra Club publications or those of the World Wildlife Fund. Not really a news source, as rather a reader about the environment. But it felt good paying $15 and thinking I was doing some good.

So, am I crazy ? No. I figure that going to the movies is $9, and sucks most of the time. Dinner for one is at least $25 and comes out the other end after 24 hours. A good, informative article is worth a few bucks, and most of these subscriptions cost between $12 and $20 bucks a year. I think that’s totally worth it.


2 Responses to “Magazine Subscription Binge”

  1. I’m a magazine junkie too! But where do you find the time to read all that stuff?

  2. Usually between 11PM and midnight 🙂

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