Obama – Biden 2008

Oh, and before I forget, yes, I’ve ordered the “Obama – Biden 2008” yard sign.

Are you still not sure who do vote for ?  They all say this election is about CHANGE, about reform. Here are some non-partisan factor to consider.


1) Who do you think is more likely to shake things up – an old man or a young man ?

2) What do you think symbolizes and promises reform and progress – a WASP veteran or a black self made man ?

3) Who is more likely to reform – a 20year Washinton insider or a recent arrival ?


2 Responses to “Obama – Biden 2008”

  1. They all scare me. The best thing I’ve heard Obama say is that he’d end our dependence on foreign oil within 10 years.

  2. neither one of them really scares me… scary is when the Fed, the Treasury, the SEC, and the Speaker of the House sit in a room a make voodoo economics…

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